Associate’s Degree Information: Business Degrees
This category includes information on many different associate’s degrees in business. These degrees are designed for people who are looking for the knowledge and skills to enter the business world. Prospective students may choose to enter a program in accounting, business administration, hospitality management or human resources. Each of the below articles includes information on that degree, including a program overview, examples of coursework, career possibilities and a job outlook.

Accounting Administration Associate Degree
A 2-year associate’s degree program in accounting administration can prepare you for entry to the workplace or continued education at the bachelor’s degree level. Learn more about what this degree can prepare you for. Get information about…

Accounting Management Associate Degree Program
Get an overview of associate’s degree programs that offer classes in managerial accounting. Keep reading to see what you’ll study and what education and career paths are open to you after completion of this program.

Accounting Systems Administration Associate Degree
See how enrolling in an accounting systems administration associate’s degree program can train you for a career in data processing and computer programming. Read on for program overview, online availability and professional cerification…

Business Associate’s Degree
In an associate’s degree program in business, you will take general education courses in addition to business courses. With a 2-year business degree you could pursue jobs in marketing firms or accounting offices. Read about online and on-campus…

Business Information Systems Associate Degree
An associate’s degree in business information systems can prepare you for a lucrative career in both computers and business. This article gives you a preview of common courses in an associate’s program, as well as careers in engineering or…

Business Information Technology Associate Degree
Read about associate’s degree programs in business information technology and related fields. Explore the typical curriculum, check whether online availability and review career options for this degree program.

Business Management Associate’s Degree
Discover what courses you could take in a business management associate’s degree programs, and check the availability of on-campus and online programs in this field. Explore the job options available to you after you earn your 2-year degree in…

Business Marketing Associate’s Degree
Learn about business marketing associate’s degrees, career opportunities and continuing education options. You can also read about common coursework in these programs and employment outlook for entry-level positions.

Business Office Administration Associate Degree
Find out about business office administration associate degrees, including coursework, prerequisites and other information. Additionally, you can learn about career opportunities, employment outlook and salaries for graduates with an associate…