This course contains medical information, hair loss therapies and practical knowledge. You will be able to instantly apply your new knowlege base to your current salon or trichology practice. The course covers the “how to” you need to know to setup your trichology practice or hair loss center. You will recive a comprehensive guide to advanced treatment for hair loss and the training to implement the therapies into your practice. This course covers an education on conditions that result in hair loss you you will be prepared to offer the right services to each client depending on their hair loss concerns. The course will help you to successfully run a hair loss clinic or trichology practice. The class emphasizes the use of scopes and checkups and gives you the ability to modify their treatment programs based on their results and further needs.

Trichology Education Course Syllabus

Introduction – What is Trichology.?

Functions of Skin

Glands of the Skin

Hair Structure, Physiology and Chemistry

Hair PH

Amino Acids and Hair Bonds

Hair Texture

Genetic Hair Loss in Women and Men

Diffuse Hair loss

Scarring Alopecia

Traction Alopecia

Healthy Hair Programs

Consultations for Hair Loss


Advanced Treatment of Hair loss

Nutrition, Diet, Health and Wellness

Human Biology: Body Systems Cells and Tissue

Human Biology: Organ Systems

Human Biology: Biochemistry

Anatomy & Physiology of the Hair

Anatomy & Physiology of the Scalp

Advanced Consultations for Hair Loss

Advanced Scoping of the Hair and Scalp

Less Common Hair Loss Problems

Scalp Disorders

Hair Shaft/Fiber Problems

Drug and Medicine Related Hair Loss

Setup up a Trichology and Hair Loss Center

Marketing Your Hair Loss Center

Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Treatment of Hair Loss

How to Successfully Run a Hair Loss Clinic or Trichology Practice

Deal with Dandruff
No one wants to see the dreaded white flakes. Discover how your immune system impacts dandruff and what you can do to finally get rid of it!

Heal Hair Breakage
There can be many causes of hair breakage. You’ll learn how to protect a client’s hair during various treatments to avoid breakage.

Stop Itchy Scalp
Complaints of an itchy scalp is common. But this is easy to eliminate when you understand the cause. You’ll discover easy solutions to stop the itching.

Support Nutrition + Diet
You might not realize it but what you eat can greatly impact your hair for better or worse. Help clients adjust their diet to achieve healthier hair.

Offer In-Salon Treatments
It’s easy to increase your rates when you offer scalp + hair loss treatments. Clients are looking for people who can truly help them tackle hair loss once and for all.

Personalized Hair Care
There are tons of products on the market and everything doesn’t work for everybody. Help clients develop personalized hair care regimens to reach their hair goals.