Brussels Capıtal Unıversıty

Brussels Capıtal Unıversıty

Brussels Capital University is a higher education institution offering online distance education. Brussels Capital University’s online training based model is supported by competent academics from different universities throughout Europe. Brussels Capital University is a corporate educational institution aiming to introduce Europe’s systematic and successful education system to the world countries with online education model and educate its students by European Union standards by starting university education from locally and spread it globally.

Brussels Capital University aims to provide online education system parallel to the European education system by the academicians in its own country and also aims to bring a new approach to university education by meeting the academicians and students under the roof Brussels Capital University in the countries granted with its representation.

Brussels Capital University also owns many important social responsibility projects and cooperates with many nongovernmental organizations to realize these projects. Physical disabilities and a large amount of social section which cannot complete higher education due to social restrictions and this is an important social problem in Asia  and also in developing countries. Brussels Capital University’s main organizational goals for disadvantaged groups to complete higher education, thus achieving personal development, occupation and socialization.


Intellectual foundations of Brussels Capital University were laid in 2002 in Belgium. As the online university brand of Brussels Capital Education Limited, which officially operates in Britain’s capital London, it currently offers online higher education services in different countries of the world (8 different countries) with the language and academic staff of that country. Students who get online higher education packages of Brussels Capital University can sometimes have face to face training by attending education seminars, supervision programs and workshops held by relevant representatives in their countries. As an online digital academic higher education platform, Brussels Capital University is accredited by numerous organizations but it is not subjected to central governments as a formal university neither in Britain, where its company headquarters is based, nor in other countries where it has representatives. Brussels Capital University contributes to scientific and social development by sponsoring many scientific congresses, conferences, promotion days, seminaries and activities of nongovernmental organizations in countries where it has representatives.

Essentially, Brussels Capital University aims to increase and facilitate to transform into online higher education of the future; also to pioneer technological developments and innovations in this field. Comparing online universities to universities providing formal education is basically a mistake. Because online systems are entirely digital education platforms based on technology which are not subjected to any central campus education system. Formal education is a fundamental need and it leads education based on experience. Off course, preference of the young generations in higher education must be formal education because formal education process enables serious social and psychological achievements to young individuals. Meanwhile, we want to point out that Brussels Capital University requests parent approval to register those under 25 years old to the system and that Brussels Capital University’s digital education models are ideal for the middleaged and above. However, we all know how technology transforms the society rapidly. But it is not hard to predict that, in the future world, the share of formal education will decline and new digital integrated online education systems will have a much more say in education. Brussels Capital University invests in many technological systems to open up new horizons for digital online education systems of the future such as virtual campus, virtual library and multidimensional VR education. Brussels Capital University targets to make future generations meet with this system of digital online education models and advances rapidly in this direction.