Occupational Health and Safety is a highly needed and requested science in our country.The main goals of our PhD program are to contribute to national and international publications on occupational health and safety issues, to prevent occupational accidents by developing new scientific and technical applications in this field, to produce innovative solutions based on scientific perspectives, to improve occupational health and safety culture and understanding in our country in order to reduce accidents and occupational diseases and train qualified personnel.

It is Aimed to Train Occupational Safety Experts Who Produce Science at International Level The Occupational Health and Safety Program, which continues its undergraduate and thesis / non-thesis graduate education activities at the Brussels Capital University, Department of Occupational Health and Safety; aims to train Occupational Health and Safety professionals who have the knowledge of safety, modeling technological economic and social events and producing solutions. Since Occupational Health and Safety is an interdisciplinary field, it plays an active role in the modeling and interpretation of the problems that arise in engineering, health, economy and service sectors which are necessary for Occupational Safety Specialization.

What are the Benefits of the Occupational Health and Safety Doctorate Program?
The aim of the Occupational Health and Safety PhD Program is to increase the number of Occupational Safety Specialists with a PhD degree. World’s increasing the number of academic staff who are trained in the field of Occupational Health and Safety will meet the demand for qualified personnel and will contribute greatly to scientific work in this area due to Occupational Health and Safety Doctorate Program as a complement to the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University. This program will bring the occupational health and safety competences of the students to the international level.