Our Vision and Mission


Brussels Capital University is an institution emerged to provide educational environment those who have not completed their education due to their business hours or cannot succeed in university exams but wants to continue to improve themselves in high school education or did not find university in their home town and having no suitable position to study in another city. As a starting point, Brussels Capital University aims to be an effective education in the process from the participation to longterm future of its members and therefore aiming those targets:

  • Create an efficient learning, research and sharing environment for all students and em-ployees as online.
  • Accessing international effectiveness by educating their students at global and accredited programs.
  • Equipping students with high standard information to bring them reputable position in the community.
  • Making them more actively involved in business life by bring qualifications to the students
  • By providing higher education, contributing social and economic positions of those individuals who has paraplegia or girls who have not been sent to school due to the social constraints or individuals with physical disabilities and people had left their careers incomplete.



In line with its vision Brussels Capital University, defines its mission as follows: Opening their doors to students who cannot reach the equal opportunity due to social, economic, cultural reasons and giving them the education they want at universal level and high standards and at the same time making them ready for business life. Realizing all these things as online, when students have the opportunity and adaptable conditions. BCU has set a strategy for this mission:

  • Working with academic staff and documents that will bring the student's success to the highest point.
  • Provide quick and descriptive online support to students at the point where documents are inadequate.
  • To provide universally valid diplomas by using accredited academic plans that are aligned with world universities.
  • To enable students to share information from all corners of the world with 24-hour high-speed online access.
  • To offer a broad research platform to its students by establishing Turkey's largest online library.