What is Distance Education?

What is distance education?

Distance education is a learning method that is an alternative to traditional learning methods. In this method, there are efficient programs developed for students. It is an institutional educational activity where students, teachers and teaching materials in different places are brought together through communication technologies. Thus, the students who want to continue their education life can easily continue their education by means of information technology without making any spatial changes.

 Why Distance Education?

• Lifelong learning is necessary.

• It is an education system that can provide service to a very large student population.

• It is indispensable for people who do not benefit from traditional education.

• The target group of individuals with different qualifications can provide training services with different applications.

• Change and diversification of knowledge and skills.

• Economical (unit costs are cheap)

• It is a system that can bring a variety of communication technologies to the service of  education.

• It is student centered education model.