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The Department of Edu. Leadership offers programs in Edu. Administration and Supervision which lead to the Master of Science or the Master of Edu. degree. This is an option which prepares individuals for educational supervision and management in the areas of human services, government, the military, industry, corporations, and other education related agencies.

The program in Edu. Administration and Supervision is designed to:

1. Prepare a cadre of educational leaders with special competencies in school administration and supervision that will enable them to meet the demands of a changing society as they function in the total educational framework.

2. Prepare a cadre of leaders with special competencies which will enable them to function as managers, supervisors, educational specialists, etc., in industry, the military, corporations, and human services.

3. Equip participants with sufficient levels of educational and practical training so that they will be attractive as potential employees to those who select administrative and supervisory personnel for public and private school systems and industry.

4. Upgrade skills of those already employed in human services occupations, government, military and industry.

5. Provide participants with a high level of skills and expertise to work with all facets of the school organization and those aspects of the community which bear most directly on the school’s educational goals and its program objectives.