Instructor. Aygul Bahar YILMAZ

Family Counselor Aygül Bahar YILMAZ provides therapy in the most accurate and ethical way to people who want to receive counseling services in today’s conditions and when the family institution, which is the basic building block of the society, in the family therapy process, and in times when family relations and communication weaken.

Family Counselor Aygül Bahar YILMAZ, who previously served in various fields, is currently working at the Private Çukurova Family Counseling Center and conducts therapy sessions. Every person may need psychological support from time to time. In the ordinary course of life, we may encounter many problems and traumas and we may not know the solutions. Aygül Bahar Yılmaz has taken trainings, attended conferences and seminars in order to be useful to people and to solve existing problems, with the idea that “One should be a part of the solution, not the problem”.

Family Counselor Aygül Bahar Yılmaz provides psychological counseling services to individuals in the light of undergraduate, graduate and education. He has improved himself in family, marriage, pre-marital counseling, infidelity, divorce, and post-divorce psychological counseling.

More; One of the biggest problems in marriages today is that even if the spouses communicate, they do not know the right ways of communication, so communication problems cause relationship problems in the family and between spouses. Psychotherapist Aygül Bahar Yılmaz “how to establish the right communication?”, “what feeds a healthy relationship?” She conducts studies to provide psychological support on answers to questions such as:

She also provides individual counseling services to solve the psychological problems of individuals from early childhood and the problems they encounter in daily life. She provides psychological counseling on issues such as Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Occupational Burnout Syndrome, Relationship Burnout.

In the last 11 years; she on theory and techniques in solution-focused therapy, Image therapy and Family Counseling; She gives training to psychologists, psychological counselors and other mental health professionals. The trainings he provides are not limited to Adana, but he continues to provide these trainings in order to train better equipped psychologists, psychotherapists and family counselors in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Mersin and 11 other provinces.

Aygül was born in Adana in 1980. After completing her undergraduate education at Mersin University and her master’s degree at Konya University, our teacher Aygül Bahar Yılmaz, a Guidance and Psychological Counseling Science Specialist, has received therapy trainings on hundreds of subjects from professional teams and continues to give trainings in order to bring these trainings together with new psychologists. she is doing.

(He works as a trainer in the 11-Year Family Counselor training project)