Instructor. Ekrem Canbaz

He graduated from 19 Mayıs Primary School in Turgutlu in 1979. He graduated from Turgutlu Secondary School in 1981. He graduated from Turgutlu Commercial High School in 1984 as the second in the school. He studied at Dokuz Eylul University Aydın Tourism and Hotel Management School in 1984-1988 and graduated with a high degree. He worked in hotels during his school years. In 1989 he went to Germany for his master’s degree. In a short period of 12 months, he completed the German course from scratch at the level to study at university. Due to the difference in the master’s system, he completed the Business Administration and Economics departments at the universities of Cologne and Siegen at the undergraduate and graduate level from the beginning. During his education, he worked in a sector, including the Bayer chemical factory, to cover the expenses. At the same time, he provided consultancy services to Turkish businessmen. He completed his master’s degree in 2001. Later, he managed his own family businesses on foreign trade. He founded the Cologne Turkish University Students Association. He wrote articles for a local newspaper there. He returned to Turkey in 2007. Between 2008 and 2016, he operated as a store owner and operator in the retail clothing sector. At the same time, she has been working as a sworn German translator at the notary public since 2012. He entered the media industry as a television producer in 2017 and still continues this activity. As a writer, he has two books, writes poetry and reads in TV programs from time to time. He writes articles in different newspapers. He speaks English along with German.