The term bioenergy was coined by Prof. It has been defined by Zdenek Rejdak as “vital energy that provides the natural energy of the person”. Bioenergy literally means “life energy”. Bio means “life, life”. Energy, on the other hand, is defined as “the active force existing in the organism”. When we look at the word bioenergy as a definition, we come across two different main headings:
The first is renewable energy, which is derived from materials derived from biological sources. Various studies are carried out on this in the world.
The second and the part that interests us is the spiritual potential of the person, the perception of the energy of the whole, life-oriented health, vitality potential, spiritual healing and therapy for the energy body.
Bioenergy is taking the body as a whole and, in a way, tuning and balancing the body’s energy.
Since our nervous system is programmed to adapt to the energy balance in nature, it can show reactions outside of our will so that the balance is not disturbed. Unfortunately, the environment we live in, our lifestyle and suppressing emotions such as anger, fear and sadness can seriously disrupt our energy balance. At this stage; Complaints such as pain, insomnia, palpitations, sweating, constriction, irritability and fatigue, which are the language of our body, begin to appear. The main causes of these disorders are the disruption of the energy balance in our body. The balance of our bioenergy is necessary not only for the healing of diseases, but also for protection.
By studying the Bioenergy Bachelor’s Department, they will be able to do Bioenergy healing sessions and therapy, as well as work with transformation keys and clocks that can bring Macro healing in micro timing, which is the biggest feature of education.