Automotive Technologies and Intelligent Mechanics Program; It is a two-year higher education program in order to ensure that the qualified manpower needed by the automotive industry is trained in accordance with the quality and service philosophy that will meet the expectations of the age, both in production and after-sales service levels.
Our Automotive Technologies and Smart Mechanics Program; It aims to train experts who can meet the need for qualified intermediate staff between the manager/engineer and the worker in the production and after-sales services levels of the developing and constantly changing automotive industry and other sectors related to the automotive industry establishments.
The market demand for Automotive Technology specialists who are adapted to current technology and have the qualifications required by the market is quite high. Automotive Technology specialists who will graduate from our program; will teach him the necessity of establishing relationships with others, will ensure that he has a high level of application skills, and will enable him to know advanced technology developments and contemporary trends in information technologies.

About Internship
Brussels Capital University not only gives theoretical courses through the distance education system, but also has its students do application and internship programs at the contracted centers. Students studying in Brussels Capital University Automotive Technology Program; In order to graduate, they must complete a summer internship consisting of 30 (thirty) working days in public institutions and organizations with machinery supply workshops or automotive levels, automotive main industry factories, automotive supplier industry factories, automotive special and authorized services. For students to do their internship; Studies are carried out to ensure cooperation with a number of factories, institutions, organizations and businesses operating in the automotive field.