In a world where man is not just a body and all diseases are first settled in our energy body, treatment methods must also meet the needs of modern times. Quantum Transformation Coaching is a comprehensive program that trains professionals. It can apply to people who want to gain motivation and vitality, and who want to take control of life and live a life full of awareness.
The program lasts 18 months and consists of theoretical as well as practical parts.
The content of the program is quite extensive, including energy medicine, psychology, psychosomatics, karma, regression, NLP, hypnotherapy, multidimensional medicine, EFT, quantum healing programs based on quantum physics, macro healing, micro healing and many other healing systems. In addition to being able to do quantum healing sessions and therapy, they will be able to work with transformation keys and clocks that can bring macro healing in micro timing, which is the biggest feature of education.
These keys are used to treat the most serious oncological diseases of modern times, diabetes, different psychological conditions (stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, apathy) and even schizophrenia and severe addictions (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, religion, etc.). available.
As our students are taught different coaching skills, by the end of the training they can work not only as therapists but also as coaches, working with healthy people and enlightening people in various areas of their lives.
By acting as Quantum Transformation Coaches, our graduates can go deep into the subconscious, discover energy causes and make rapid transformations.