Career Servıces

Career Servıces

Brussels Capital University offers important career development services to its students and is trying to increase their recruitment in many ways. Our goal is not only to provide an outstand-ing learning experience, but also to guarantee the professional aims of the students. We offer the following services, to our students that will achieve them both academically and profes-sionally.

Curriculum Vitae and Covering Letter Preparation Services

A well written, professional Curriculum Vitae (C.V) and a covering letter are like a ticket to your dream job. In the institutional environment, these are your written picture and play a ma-jor role in creating a good impression in the eye of your possible employer. Your perfect C.V, your covering letter and your dream job is just one click away with us.

Job Placement Services

Thanks to its many connections BCUNİ give support to its students to provide strengthening their professional development in short and long-term periods. We help to you to draw a good career route and determine your career strategies at BCUNİ Career Center.