What Will You Learn.?

Enhance your life by equipping yourself with the tools to coach yourself and others, either formally or informally. Through studying the Life Coaching Diploma Course, you will learn the tools and techniques employed by life coaches to empower yourself and others to reach and exceed personal and professional goals.

To give you a clear understanding of the subject, the Life Coaching Diploma Course first outlines what coaching is and isn’t, provides examples of the types of coaching that can be offered, and explores some of the potential benefits of coaching to the individual, community, and society.

To coach others, you need to understand yourself and how people learn and think. This course guides you through these areas by helping you to examine yourself and to understand learning itself, and the importance of these skills within the context of coaching. You’ll explore various learning styles and key theories about learning and be presented with exercises in self-inquiry that will help you to discover your preferred learning style, your values and beliefs, emotional intelligence, and diversity.

Through studying the course, you will master the 5 cores skills that are essential to being an effective Life Coach. You will learn:

How to establish a good coaching relationship with clients and create an environment conducive to understanding them and helping them to reach their goals.

Effective listening skills and how to understand body language.

Effective questioning skills and strategies that will help you to identify client goals and needs.

How to keep your client on track with goals by managing and supporting the changes they are making.

The importance of reflection in the transformative process of coaching and how you can use this yourself (as a coach or as an individual), with clients, and during coaching sessions.

The Life Coaching Diploma Course also looks at the practical considerations of running a professional coaching practice. You’ll learn about the various aspects of creating, running, and growing a successful business in this industry.

In addition to the written materials, the course also includes 10 videos presented by a professional life coach, covering the following topics:

What is a Life Coach?

Setting Guidelines
Active Listening
Assessing a Client
Setting Goals
Changing Belief Systems
Limiting beliefs
Helping your Client achieve their goals
Setting yourself up as a Life Coach
Course Syllabus


What will I learn on the course?

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching
4 parts
Module 2: Learning
5 parts
Module 3: Core Coaching Skill #1 – Establishing the Coaching Relationship
5 parts
Module 4: Core Coaching Skill #2 – Listening
4 parts
Module 5: Core Coaching Skill #3 – Asking Questions
6 parts
Module 6: Core Coaching Skill #4 – Maintaining the Trajectory
6 parts
Module 7: Core Coaching Skill #5 – Reflection, Feedback, and Accountability
7 parts
Module 8: Growth, Transformation, and Empowerment
2 parts
Module 9: Setting Up a Coaching Practice
4 parts

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

The Life Coaching Diploma Course provides you with core coaching skills that you can use either with clients in a career as a life coach or in your personal life for the furtherment of your ambitions in your career and relationships.

If you are already working as a counsellor or therapist you may also integrate the skills learned through this course in your current role.