About the Face Yoga Diploma Program
The Facial Yoga Diploma Course provides the information you need to better understand your face and exercises you can practice at home or teach others to improve your mental, emotional and physical health as a whole. The course, which consists of more than 10 modules, includes detailed instructions on how to follow each exercise and additional video demonstrations for more difficult moves.

The course begins by answering any questions you might have about face yoga – explaining the benefits of the practice and what it entails.

Following this introduction, the Facial Yoga Diploma Course will guide you through the skin and facial muscles. You will learn about the three layers of the skin, the causes of skin aging and how gravity affects the overall aging process, where the various facial muscles are located and the specific functions of each. Finally, you will learn about the two different types of facial wrinkles and the various ways they can occur.

As with any exercise, it’s important to warm up before you start and cool down after you’re done. This course outlines the importance of this and guides you through a series of related facial yoga exercises.

Explaining preparation information and warm-ups and cool-downs, the Face Yoga Diploma Course outlines exercises for the forehead, around the eyes, nose and cheek area, mouth and lips, neck and jawline – explains common complaints and how to work in each area. How to do each exercise is fully explained with easy-to-follow, bulleted instructions, and more difficult exercises are illustrated in the accompanying course video.

Exercise is just one of the aspects of taking care of your health and well-being. The Facial Yoga Diploma Course highlights how your lifestyle can positively or negatively affect your skin and face, and looks at key good habits that you can start implementing in your life right now. You’ll also discover specific foods you can add to your daily diet that will enhance the benefits of your facial yoga practice, along with explaining the importance of a good skincare routine.

The course concludes by guiding you to develop a bespoke daily practice of face yoga and explaining how to create and run your own face yoga class.

At the end of this course you will:

Have a deep understanding of face yoga
Understand how facial yoga fits into the general yoga tradition
Learn about the skin and its various functions
Be aware of the different muscles in your face and how to manipulate them.
Learn more than 50 different exercises that you can perform on the upper, middle and lower areas of your face.
be able to develop a daily practice of face yoga for yourself
Have the tools to create a 30-minute class that you can teach others
Know how to support any face yoga practice with good lifestyle, diet and skincare habits.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Understanding Face Yoga
5 pieces

Module 2: Your skin
5 pieces

Module 3: Warm-up and Cool-down
5 pieces

Module 4: Get
4 pieces

Module 5: Eye Area
4 pieces

Module 6: Nose and Cheek Area
3 episodes

Module 7: Mouth and Lips
3 episodes

Module 8: Neck and Chin Line
4 pieces

Module 9: Lifestyle, Diet and Skin Care
5 pieces

Module 10: Face Yoga Class
5 pieces