Studying psychology is a journey of personal discovery, key skills development, and structured research and communication. Our online study mode offers a flexible schedule with subject modules which you can study at your own pace ideal for completing your degree whilst managing job and family responsibilities.

The purpose of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is to train outstanding clinical scientists who will make valuable contributions to the field of clinical psychology. Specific aims are:

To give the student a knowledge of the field of psychology as a method of inquiry into human behavior with a focus on the central role of empiricism in all aspects of clinical psychology;
To develop competence in theoretical and research issues that pertain to clinical psychology and related areas and empirical methodologies for studying and providing clinical services;
To give the student an identification with psychology as an integrated basic and applied science;
To develop culturally-competent skills in service and research recognizing the increasingly diverse communities which psychologists serve; and
To ensure that the individual has the ability to function in research-oriented (e.g., academic) and applied (e.g., medical centers) settings through the development of competencies in the production and consumption of research, the teaching of clinical psychology, and the supervision and provision of clinical services.