About the Iridology Diploma Program
What is iridology? Why is it used? How do you practice and treat iridology patients? How can I start an iridology business? All these questions and more are answered by the Iridology Diploma Course.

Probably not as well known as some alternative sciences, but certainly equally interesting, iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis) involves the detailed study of the iris to diagnose past, current, and even future health problems in a patient’s body. With this information, patients can take preventive measures to counter and control symptoms.

This online Iridology Course begins by guiding you through the definition, purpose, and history of iridology. From this first phase of the course, you will discover how changes in the physiology of the iris can be indicative of changes occurring in other parts of the body.

Since iridology involves examining the eye, it is important to have a good anatomical knowledge of the organ. The course explains the structure of the eye and how it connects to other parts of the body via the hypothalamus. As you learn iridology, you will understand how to read iris signs and what they can mean for a patient.

Armed with the knowledge of what to look for, you will be guided on how to practice iridology and the equipment needed for it. This covers the entire customer journey: diagnosis, patient care and follow-up sessions.

Medication may be required after the patient is diagnosed. The Iridology Diploma Course discusses what to prescribe and the contraindications and possible side effects to consider. You will learn how to monitor a patient’s progress and change doses to suit the individual throughout their treatment. The course also covers what to do if a patient does not respond to treatment and how to properly hand it over to medical professionals if a more serious health problem is discovered.

From the Iridology Diploma Course you will learn how to set up your own practice. The pros and cons of installing it at home or in an external business are discussed along with the equipment and furniture you will need. You will also learn how to manage the management of the business: appointments, workload, bookkeeping and organizing your time.

The course concludes with suggestions for next steps to take on your journey to becoming an iridology practitioner, and tips and advice from expert practitioners who have been in your area, sharing helpful information and inspiration.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: The World of Iridology
4 pieces

Module 2: Anatomy of the Eye, Iris
5 pieces

Module 3: Reading Signs and Signs in the Iris
5 pieces

Module 4: Iridology Practice
6 pieces

Module 5: Prescriptions and Contraindications
6 pieces

Module 6: Creating a New Application
6 pieces

Module 7: Expert Opinion
5 pieces

Module 8: Course Overview
5 pieces

Who Will Benefit From This Course?
The Iridology Diploma Course is primarily aimed at those who want to establish their own iridology practice, but anyone with an interest in alternative sciences and treatments will enjoy this course. Likewise, anyone who plans to visit an iridology practitioner and wants to better understand what is involved will gain a lot from this course.