What Will You Learn?

Connect with yoga on a deeper level than you ever have before and truly live a yogic life – body, mind and spirit. Notice changes to your whole being as you journey through the course – and discover how to use your experience to guide others in the practice of yoga.

Comprising 21 highly-detailed modules, the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Course includes illustrated explanations, video demonstrations, and audio guidance – providing a significant amount of learning and practice.

To really experience yoga, you’ll take on a thorough assessment process that includes submitting video demonstrations of yoga poses and sequences, and writing scripts for lessons.

“What is yoga?”. The course begins by answering that very question – considering its roots, evolution, and modern practice. We’ll also look at yoga’s benefits, styles, and what it means to live a yogic life.

We’ll dive into yoga philosophy by looking at the important texts – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and exploring the differences and similarities between them. The course discusses the three gunas that make up all matter in the universe – how they manifest in our lives and how to balance them. We’ll also explore the concept of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – the traits associated with each and how they can be balanced.

We will learn the basic anatomy associated with yoga practice – becoming familiar with the parts of the body that are most susceptible to injury and how to protect them. You’ll also learn the basics of energy anatomy – gaining an understanding of the different systems and structures of the subtle body and how they can be cleansed.

It’s then onto the practical side of yoga, as you are guided through the Sun Salutation sequences practised by Ashtanga Vinyasa yogis—Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B – and the sequence practised by Hatha yogis, along with the Moon Salutation sequence.

The course will take you through a detailed range of asana poses, learning their contraindications and modifications. These include standing asanas, forward folds and core strengthening asanas, warm-up and deep stretching poses, twists, backbends, and techniques for the safe practice of inversions.

You’ll be introduced to pranayama, including how to perform bandhas, techniques for meditating, and instruction on performing mudras. You’ll also learn some mantras and chants.

The course provides an introduction to effective sequencing for those who want to teach or simply to have a good home practice. We’ll look at how to sequence a class, the practice of demonstrations and using voice and commands effectively. You’ll learn how to structure a yoga class and deliver effective teaching in group and one-to-one classes.

You’ll be introduced to the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda. The course covers the basic concepts including the five elements, the three doshas (and how they can be balanced) and the six tastes.

For those looking to take their practice further, we’ll consider the business of yoga, with discussions on ethics and spirituality, and what your offering as a yoga teacher will be.

By studying this program, you will:

Gain a deeper understanding of the philosophies and practices of yoga

Understand basic physical and energy anatomy

Learn how to practice sun salutations, asanas, pranayamas, meditations, mantras and mudras

Be familiar with effective sequencing and teaching techniques

Learn about running a yoga business

Program Syllabus

What will I learn on the program?

Module 1: What is Yoga?

7 parts

Module 2: Yoga Philosophy—The Eight Limbs of Yoga (Patanjali)

4 parts

Module 3: Hatha Yoga Pradipika

3 parts

Module 4: The Three Gunas

3 parts

Module 5: Yoga Philosophy—Masculine and Feminine Energy (Shiva and Shakti)

3 parts

Module 6: Yoga Anatomy

5 parts

Module 7: Energy Anatomy

5 parts

Module 8: Ashtanga Sun Salutations

3 parts

Module 9: Hatha Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation

3 parts

Module 10: Yoga Asana 1

3 parts

Module 11: Yoga Asana 2

4 parts

Module 12: Yoga Asana 3

7 parts

Module 13: Yoga Asana 4

2 parts

Module 14: Yoga Asana 5

3 parts

Module 15: Yoga Asana 6

3 parts

Module 16: Pranayama

4 parts

Module 17: Meditation, Mantras and Mudras

4 parts

Module 18: Effective Sequencing and Teaching

4 parts

Module 19: Teaching Yoga

5 parts

Module 20: Introduction to Ayurveda

4 parts

Module 21: The Business of Yoga

6 parts

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Designed for students of yoga, the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Course will prepare you for a lifelong practice of ongoing self-inquiry and reflection, of deepening your yoga practice and reaping the benefits.

Whether you have been a practising yogi for many years or still feel you are a relative beginner—yoga is a path of ongoing learning and discovery. This course will deepen your knowledge of yoga and guide you in the knowledge you need to support others on their yoga journey as a teacher.

The course is ideal for those who are interested in a career as a yoga teacher but are unsure whether to commit their time and finances to a full classroom-based course. Hands-on and in-depth, the course covers the full syllabus for yoga teacher training – making it the perfect stepping stone into teaching – but we also recommend that this training is supplemented with classroom-based lessons and practice.