About the Homeopathic Medicine Diploma Program
Students will learn by looking at what homeopathy is, how it came to be, the principles behind the practice, why clients would choose this natural approach over medical alternatives, and the breadth of homeopathy as a discipline.

You will learn about the scope and limitations of homeopathy, why it should be used, how it treats the cause of the condition (more symptoms), its benefits, and how it is better for us. You’ll also read four case studies that provide a real-world taste of how homeopathy can be used to treat a variety of conditions.

As you explore Organon, the governing philosophy of homeopathy, you will gain a better understanding of the principles of the discipline. Additionally, you will discover a law of healing called the Herings Rule of Cure.

The Introduction to the Homeopathy Diploma Course shares basic knowledge of the fundamental aspects of homeopathy, such as repertorization of substances, diseases that can be treated with homeopathy, anatomy, detoxification, intermittent therapy and dilution, and preparation of treatments.

You will be taught how to detect the presence of a particular disease or disease and how to treat disease-related causes. You will also learn about the importance of using diagnostic tools and how doses are adjusted.

Course Curriculum
What will I learn in the course?

Module 1: What is Homeopathy?
6 pieces

Module 2: Materia Medica
4 pieces

Module 3: Why Homeopathy?
5 pieces

Module 4: Basic Principles of Homeopathy
7 pieces

Module 5: Basic Information
10 pieces

Module 6: Treatments and Remedies
6 pieces

Module 7: Managing Your Homeopathy Business
5 pieces

Module 8: Course Overview
7 pieces

Who Will Benefit From This Course?
The Introduction to Homeopathy Diploma Course is suitable for anyone who lives a holistic lifestyle and is interested in the methods and techniques used in holistic healing. You can use the course as a springboard for further learning or to take better care of your well being.